Springtime Garden Calendar

Springtime has arrived in Camarillo

The coming of Spring is based on the Celestial events, namely the simultaneous arrival of EarthDay, Easter, and the Weed Abatement Notices…

Camarillo’s EarthDay Celebration

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Ruby and Piper Get Ready For Plant Sale

EarthDay Camarillo 2011 was a huge success with 54 vendors and over 1,200 visitors. Check out our videos of EarthDay, and also check out the EarthDay Photo Gallery.

Jacky Wallace reports over $100 came from the plant sale. Ruby and Piper may have found their calling…

Ours thanks go out to all our sponsors who helped us make this day a success. Both our sponsors and vendors brought many new and interesting products and ideas.

We learned about solar options and local training programs teaching energy efficient practices.

(Aside: I found this article interesting: Solar Panels Increase Home Value

A study by Berkeley National Labs has found that homes sold in California earned a premium for solar panels. The benefit ranged from $3900 to $6400 per kW of capacity.

An earlier study found that proximity to solar or wind power may also raise home values. These results contradict the arguments based on degrading home values used by putative NIMBY (Not In My Back-Yard) opponents to installing or living near such energy-generating equipment. Read the original article HERE )

We learned about organic gardening while we sampled fresh, organic produce grown at local farms, and ate health-consciously prepared Mexican food (yes, it can be done – and it tasted great!).

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Local Farm-Fresh Organic Produce

Two of our long-term partners in establishing our first garden, Agromin and Camarillo Plumbing and Paint, were there and represented two opposite ends of conservation practices.

Since we had food vendors and baked goods, we were required to package a lot of consumable goods. With over 1,200 people there, the clean up could have been over-whelming. I am happy to report, we were very, very good…

I received this report from Nels, who was part of EarthDay, planning, executing and cleaning up:

Nels writes:
One thing I would like to run by you concerns waste the event generated. I had it in the back of my mind and took a photo of the total trash generated and also the recycling “trash”. I took the latter home – it galled me to think of bags with “recycle” signs still attached sitting in stuffed dumpsters – and I separated it out…and took photos. Basically – 5 bags of “recycle” reduced to about a kitchen trash-bag size of refuse, 2/3 of a home-size blue recycling can, and 20 lbs. of recyclable plastic and aluminum which netted the Garden $4.40.
My best guesstimate is the event overall had about 1,200 people over the complete course of the day. The venue was spotless when we left, 11 bags of “trash” generated, and that we reduced to about 6 of refuse through recycling.



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