Rocky Fire is California’s Biggest – Burns 20,000 Acres in 5 Hours

The Rocky Fire burning north of San Francisco near Lakeport, California has burned more than 70,000 acres, destroyed over 40 homes with many more threatened, and is only 30% contained. The fire’s spread has been termed “unprecedented” as 20,000 acres burned in only 5 hours. The Washington Post said, “It is becoming almost trite to […]

California Dept of Pesticide Regulations Cracks Down On Tainted Produce

State Fines Companies Selling Tainted Food Aimed at Ethnic Minorities – Repeat Pesticide Offenders Fined This story reprinted with permission from Calif. Dept of Pesticide Regulation (Sacramento) – The California Dept. of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) has taken decisive action against six companies that ignored warnings, and repeatedly sold imported fruits and vegetables with illegal pesticide residues […]

New Online Resources to Help Pollinators

The health of European honey bees and other pollinators continues to be a top priority for both the layman and scientists around the country, but good sources of public information have been hard to come by. Much of the information available has been based on hope, emotional appeal and commercial offerings rather than science-based information. […]

West-wide Snowpack Has Mostly Melted Says Natural Resources Conservation Service

Western state’s snowpack has mostly melted, according to data from the fifth 2015 forecast by the United States Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). “Across most of the West, snowpack isn’t just low – it’s gone,” NRCS Hydrologist David Garen said. “With some exceptions, this year’s snowmelt streamflow has already occurred.” Garen said that for much […]

California Water Restrictions About to Get Real

Californians conserved little water in March and local officials were not aggressive in cracking down on waste, state regulators reported Tuesday, saying residents and communities again fell short of Governor Jerry Brown’s voluntary water savings target. The State Water Resources Control Board received the update as it considers sweeping mandatory emergency drought regulations to protect […]

Mycologist Paul Stamets Discovers Natural Pesticide

According to EWA health and nature website, the world’s leading mycologist, Paul Stamets, registered a patent back in 2006 that didn’t much draw media attention and exposure, which is unusual because the patent is described “the most disruptive technology we have ever witnessed.” The patent is potentially most disruptive for the agricultural branch of the […]