Organic Methods As Productive As Industrial Agriculture Says Study

A new study released this week by Berkeley University has good news for health-conscious Americans. The Berkeley researchers investigated the supposed ‘Gap’ between organic food systems and industrial,chemical-dependent food systems. The study showed that the previously held assumptions of this gap were much greater than is the case. In some instances, the two type of […]

State Department of Water Resources Doubles Allocation to 10%

As reported today in Newswire, the California Dept. of Water Resources has announced an increase in local water agencies’ allotment for 2015. The allotment is double what was delivered during 2014, but that doubling is from 5% to 10% of what we were allocated for a non-drought year. The Department of Water Resources statement is […]

Continuing Drought Conditions Threaten California Wine Industry

California Vineyards Face Uncertain Future California’s wine industry is facing some rough times – again. It took many decades to create a California wine industry that is world renown, but a few more dry years could wipe out all that progress. As reported by UC Agriculture and Natural Resources News Blog, the prolonged drought is building […]

California Agriculture Facing $2 Billion Losses as Wells Run Dry

Local wells begin to run dry as growers and cities turn to disappearing ground water as drought continues. Groundwater situation in California called “a slow-moving train wreck.” Californians fell short of 20% water reduction called for by Governor Brown. The 5% voluntary reduction was not enough to hold off mandatory state-wide water restrictions. Many California […]

Voluntary Cutbacks Fall Short As California Drought Deepens

A recent report in CNN’s online edition says California’s water woes are not going away. California’s residents and businesses are facing water shortages and – although the water districts don’t like using the ‘R’ word – rationing. Recent reports issued by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration say a possible El Nino year may not be enough […]